Cybersecurity Learning Modules
and Self-Assessment

The University of Windsor takes cybersecurity very seriously. The accounts, information, research, and computing resources at the University are of value to hackers, spies and criminals. As such, we each have a responsibility to protect ourselves and our fellow UWindsor community members. Fulfilling this responsibility starts with an understanding of cybersecurity.

These cybersecurity learning modules are organized into eight key theme areas.

The material is presented in order to build on the previous module, so it is recommended to do them in order.

The complete set of learning modules will take approximately 30-40 minutes to review, but you can leave and come back at any time. You can use the "Modules" drop-down at the top to jump right to the module where you left off.

There is a self-assessment quiz at the end of the material for you to evaluate your Cybersecurity knowledge.

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