Everyone Can Draw: Drawing as a Conceptual Tool in STEM is a four-part, hands-on series instructed by Professor Catherine Heard of the School of Creative Arts and delivered online through Blackboard. We all draw as children, yet at a certain point in our lives, many of us stop drawing and begin saying “I can’t draw.” In four short classes, you will learn how drawing plays a key role in our daily lives, how it can be used to communicate STEM concepts to general audiences, and how it can serve as a tool for recording information in the field and lab. In addition, you will learn about how contemporary artists use the concepts that we will explore in this Masterclass. Throughout this series, you will build a portfolio that will be comprised of instructor-led exercises during class time as well as take-home activities to solidify the concepts being taught. You will be encouraged to learn about your own creative process, allowing you to utilize drawing as a conceptual tool in future applications, particularly in STEM. Open to all University of Windsor students. Recommended Course Materials: • HB, 2H or 4H Pencil • Eraser • Ruler • 8.5”x11” (or larger) white paper • Blindfold • Optional: Technical Pen, Fine Tipped Markers or Coloured Pencils, Additional art materials such as watercolours, brushes, glue, etc.