See It, Draw It, Know It - is a four-part, hands-on series instructed by Prof. Esther Van Eek (School of Dramatic Art) and delivered online through Blackboard. Drawing is a visual language and a powerful communication tool in STEM. With some effort and practice, it is also an attainable skill. What are the barriers keeping you from adding this form of expression to your tool kit? Through guided practice of some fundamental drawing techniques, applied to your choice of STEM subjects, you will strengthen the connections between what your eye sees, your brain perceives, and your hand renders. Each of the four sessions will focus on simple skill-building exercises that, along with your out-of-class practice, will allow you to draw more confidently what you see and understand more deeply what you drew. Open to all University of Windsor students. Recommended Course Materials: Several drawing pencils in a range of degrees (e.g., HB, 2B, 4B), pencil sharpener, or Xacto knife, quality white vinyl eraser and/or kneadable rubber eraser, and drawing paper.